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PROJECT NAME Sample Audit Report
DATE 27/02/2012



DATA360 has completed a complimentary full audit report of your data.

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Here are some of the enhancements and improvements that DATA360 could make:

  • Identify 1 (0.03%) of your customers as duplicates.
  • Identify 61 (1.68%) of your customers who have moved and can be suppressed.
  • Identify 104 (2.86%) of your customers who have moved and supply you with their new address.
  • Remove up to 381 (10.47%) unmailable customers (Deceased, Goneaway, Baby MPS & MPS).
  • Increase the number of PAF standard addresses to 829 (22.78%).
  • Enhance 220 (6.05%) individual forenames using intelligent name matching.
  • Merge your identified Deceased and Goneaway matches into a single flag (294 (8.08%) flags).
  • Identify 2345 (64.44%) of your customers who have matched one of DATA360s exclusion categories.
  • Identify 224 (6.16%) of your supplied records had missing fields


Detailed Report

Geographical Summary No. of records
UK records 3442 (94.59%)
International records 197 (5.41%)
Regional breakdown  
   -  Caribbean 12
   -  Central America 1
   -  Central and Southern Africa 1
   -  East Asia 20
   -  Eastern Europe 7
   -  Middle East 3
   -  North America 59
   -  Northern Africa 1
   -  Oceania 3
   -  South America 11
   -  West Asia 7
   -  Western Europe 2059
Unknown 0
  These counts provide you with a breakdown of the number of UK and non UK records on your file. The UK information is further broken down showing separate counts for England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Where we are unable to recognise any of the address elements the record is classified as unknown.

* When a regional breakdown is provided, a further breakdown by country can be found later on in the report

Gender Summary No. of records
Male 2083 (57.24%)
Female 925 (25.42%)
Joint 114 (3.13%)
Dual 16 (0.44%)
Unknown 305 (8.38%)
  By using either the supplied title or forename, we have identified the gender breakdown within your file. If the record has a dual forename and no title such as Pat the record is classified as ambiguous. Where we are unable to recognise either the title or forename the record will be classified unknown.

Input Address Summary No. of records
Addresses corrected 1018 (27.97%)
Addresses fully verified to PAF 829 (22.78%)
Addresses not fully matched to PAF 2810 (77.22%)
Full UK postcodes corrected 21 (0.58%)
  This summary is showing you address quality of your file after we have processed it. We use our address management system to correct and enhance both the address text and the postcodes. The address fully verified to PAF is detailing the number of records correct against PAF AFTER we have processed the data through our address management system.

Duplicate Summary No. of records
Unique individuals 3638 (99.97%)
Unique families 3637 (99.95%)
Unique addresses 3630 (99.75%)
Individuals matching with purge file 0
Families matching with purge file 0
Addresses matching with purge file 0
  We use our powerful deduplication software to identify the number of unique on your file at three different levels. These counts are showing the number of unique individuals, families and addresses. This allows you to decide how you wish to communicate with that household i.e. One communication per letterbox or individual. Where a purge file has been uploaded counts will also be give of the matching all three levels.

Change of Address Summary No. of records
New addresses identified 104 (2.86%)
  These are counts of the number of customers on your file which have matched to the NCOA redirect file. For each of the matches we are able to provide a forwarding address therefore allowing you to stay in touch with your customers.

Name and Address Suppression Summary No. of records
Deceased 82 (2.25%)
Goneaways 230 (6.32%)
MPS (UK records) 130 (3.57%)
MPS (Non UK records) 0
Baby MPS 0
  We use our vast array of Gone Away and Deceased files to identify individuals on your file who have either moved or are deceased. We also match your data to both the Mailing Preference File and the Baby MPS files. In matching your data against the MPS file we have identified individuals who have positively elected to not receive unsolicited mailings. Dependent upon your communication it may be advisable to remove individuals who have matched to the Baby MPS file to avoid causing any distress. We strongly recommend you review these figures carefully. In not using this service you risk damaging your brand, wasting money on mailings which do not reach the intended recipient.

Exclusion Summary No. of records
Exclusion Category identified 2345 (64.44%)
  This figure represents the number of records that have matched one or more of DATA360's exclusion categories.


Regional Breakdown by Country

Caribbean No. of records
Dominican Republic 3
Grenada 6
Jamaica 1
Puerto Rico 2

Central America No. of records
Panama 1

Central and Southern Africa No. of records
Nigeria 1

East Asia No. of records
China 4
Hong Kong 3
Indonesia 2
Japan 1
Korea, Republic of 1
Philippines 1
Singapore 8

Eastern Europe No. of records
Armenia 1
Hungary 1
Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of 1
Russian Federation 3
Ukraine 1

Middle East No. of records
Israel 1
Jordan 1
Lebanon 1

North America No. of records
Canada 2
Mexico 11
United States 46

Northern Africa No. of records
Morocco 1

Oceania No. of records
Australia 2
Palau 1

South America No. of records
Brazil 1
Colombia 8
Peru 2

West Asia No. of records
Georgia 1
India 5
Kazakhstan 1

Western Europe No. of records
France 1
Italy 52
Monaco 1
Norway 1
Portugal 2
Spain 15
United Kingdom 1987


Click here to purchase all or a selection of your results, which will be available for the next 21 days .

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